Your customers
would rather text

If you want people to read your messages, send them a text

Manage text conversations across your organization on the web, not on multiple personal phones

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What is Rather Text?

A texting service for organizations

Rather Text is a website to manage text (SMS) conversations with people. The site acts like an enhanced phone. When people text your number or when you start a conversation with them, it shows up on the site. They're texting the whole time and you and your team are using our website.

Screen shot of Rather Text conversation page, showing an interaction with a customer trying to book an appointment.

Core Benefits

People actually read and respond to your messages

There's more features on the web than texting on a phone

Easily share communications across your team

Your personal phone number is out of the equation

See how these benefits apply to different industries

emails are fine,
calls work sometimes,
most people would rather text

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just try it yourself right now

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We value simplicity, both in terms of web design and pricing. You pay for the level of messages you need, everything else is the same across plans.

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