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Seven reasons customers texting your business will increase revenue

Add customer value by texting customers, leave them with a positive experience, enjoy the added revenue from happy customers that tell their friends and family about you.

Responsiveness is key for small businesses

Customers often choose local small businesses for their quality of product and/or service, even if the monetary cost is higher. As a small business, if you lack responsiveness to customers, it almost feels like a breach in the unwritten rules of the relationship.

Manage internal announcements via bulk texting

In your personal life, what do you do when you want to get a message out to multiple people and have the best chance of everyone seeing it right away? You text them. So why aren't you doing that with your important work communications?

Why text my contacts when I already have the ability to email? (texting vs emailing)

It's probably no surprise that both text messaging and email are two of the most common forms of communication. Texting vs emailing, though, which is better?

How to use text messaging to surprise and delight your customers

Surprise and delight is a marketing technique to give customers an unexpedly pleasant experience and supporting text messaging is one way to do that.

Use a business texting service to keep your personal number private

How do you go about texting on behalf of your organization? The easiest path is to use your own personal phone, but that carries a whole lot of drawbacks.

How many calls and emails have you ignored vs text messages?

Think about your own life and the sheer quantity of stuff that comes your way. It's a necessity to ignore large chunks of it, causing us to miss things we do actually care about.

How to get people to respond to your messages

When you send messages to people from your organization, do they respond right away or even at all? If you're struggling with this, there's things you need to change.

Would my contacts
rather text?

A growing preference is for business communications to happen via text messages. Though the preference is there, most businesses do not have support for this.