Text Marketing for Retail Stores


Use texting to continue driving people to your store

Retail shops are focused on selling their goods and services. Most activities they engage in are based on that goal. A common thing to do to entice customers is to run a promotion -limited time deals, buy two get one free, and many common approaches like that.

How likely are those promotions to be successful, though? It takes a lot of experimentation but one thing remains true throughout, people need to know about the promotions in order to decide if it's compelling enough to buy.


Bulk texting for marketing promotions

When you have decided to run a certain promotion for your retail shop, send out a bulk text marketing message to your identified contact list (they will have signed up to opt-in to these messages). The message can contain links to your website, information about in-store promotions, or whatever else matches the promo you are running. Your promo can be designed in a way to track the effectiveness of the text messaging channel.


Have qualified leads actually see your promotions, measure results

With text marketing communications to customers, you can have people sign up to receive these promos in a way they will actually see the message (as opposed to email, direct physical mail, a radio ad, or a TV commercial) and in a timely manner. Only customers who choose to sign up will receive the messages, so these are already qualified leads.

With Rather Text, customers can even text the number back to ask any additional questions, which is not a feature that a lot of text marketing platforms support. This puts you on top for customer service on top of the already valuable promotion you're running.

As your list of people signing up for text marketing grows and the promotion effectiveness is measured, you can better estimate the impact of your promotions and use it as inputs for the next promotion.

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