Text Messaging for Auto Repair Shops


Enable customer communications through texting

Enhance communication and improve customer service for your automotive shop by offering the ability for your customers to text message with you. Whether you do full service vehicle repair, collision and body work, tire service, or transmission repair, most of your customers would rather text than call you.

It's the same for communications they want to receive from you as well - they'd rather receive a text message confirming their vehicle is done and ready for pickup than have to step out of a meeting or stop in the middle of something to take a call.


Turn a few minute phone call into a few text messages

Picture this, a potential customer is looking online and trying to find a shop to replace tires on their vehicle. In order to get a quote from other shops or an online dealer, they either have to fill out a webpage with year, make/model, trim, size or call and walk through a series of questions that they may not have the answer to right away.

If your shop offers the ability for them to simply text you and ask their questions, as well as answer your questions, they're already engaged and more likely to buy from you instead of your competitor. Your staff that typically fields phone calls can generally turn a 3-5 minute phone conversation into just a few simple text messages with a greater likelihood that you'll get the job.


Make it easy for customers to prefer your service

Enabling text messaging within your auto repair shop is beneficial for customers as it's typically their preferred communication method. It's beneficial for you and your staff since it takes less time than answering the phone, and is documented in writing which leads to less miscommunication (wrong year, size, part, price, etc.).

Auto repair shops with the best reputations and the highest customer satisfaction are the ones that continue to grow and succeed. Keeping up with technology by offering your customers the ability to text message with you instead of always calling is one simple and affordable way to remain on the cutting edge.

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