Text Messaging for Chiropractors


Simplify patient outreach with texting

There are many reasons why chiropractors are looking to implement text messaging in their offices. Many clients prefer texting their chiropractic provider over talking on the phone as they can look at their calendar, find suitable times for their next appointment, and respond at their convenience.

Additionally, some offices just aren't staffed to handle every phone call at the moment, or callers spend too much time on hold and hang up before they make it to a staff member. Customer preference for texting along with convenience and efficiency for the office staff make enabling texting within a chiropractic office a no-brainer.


Be more efficient and multi-tasking by staying off of phone calls

Imagine there are two patients in the office to see the doctor, one is working with the receptionist to find a suitable time next week for another appointment, and the other is in the middle of an adjustment. If the receptionist answers the phone while also assisting the existing client with their appointment for next week, it can cause unnecessary stress and cause the caller to feel rushed off the phone.

A better solution would be to promote that you offer clients a way to text the office for their inquiries, scheduling, and office needs, leaving the receptionist to be in the moment with the existing client in front of them and fully satisfying each patient's needs.


Increase customer satisfaction, visits, and health

Enabling text messaging for clients at a chiropractic office can enhance communication, convenience, and efficiency, ultimately improving client satisfaction and practice management. Think of how many quick, 2-3 minute phone calls that happen in the office each day that would have been better off as text messages.

Not only do most clients prefer to text message your office, it can save the office staff time as well as provide a better patient experience - ultimately leading to more satisfied clients for your practice and a healthier community.

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