Text Messaging for Schools


Different groups of people need varying levels of communication

Schools and educational institutions have a variety of groups of people to stay in touch with throughout the year. From parents to staff, volunteers to vendors, there are constantly groups that need to be on the same page as each other in order for school activities to run smoothly and goals to be met.

Sometimes a message might need to make it to every parent with a child in a specific school (multiple grades). Other times, school administrators may need to get a quick message out to only the staff of a certain grade. By enabling a text messaging solution, like Rather Text, with the ability to segment your contacts by custom groupings, you can ensure that your school year runs smoothly and activities are a success.


Notify target staff members of time-sensitive info

One common theme that we hear from schools is that they need to notify their staff of something quickly, but not all staff need to get the message. Think about the different groups that exist within schools. You have teachers, maintenance crew, cafeteria workers, etc.. If you have a message only relevant for one group and it applies specifically to the next day, timeliness is important.


Make sure messages have a high chance of being seen right away

We know that emails are used within schools, and those definitely have value. The value provided by text messaging is that messages are often read quickly after being sent. This allows for the dissemination of information to be very prompt. Plus, by grouping your school staff, you can make sure to only get messages in the hands of the people it is relevant to.

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