Text Messaging for Weddings


Wedding planning is hard, make the communication part easier

Weddings come in all shapes, designs, and sizes, but one thing remains consistent - the need for effective communication. Between all of the third parties that need to be involved, there are individual plans to be worked out, but also how everything comes together for the big day. There's a lot of stress when it comes to planning a wedding and getting married, so reducing that stress is highly desired!


Keep track of all the things as they come to mind

There's many examples we could highlight, but let's say there is a couple starting on their plans. They pick a venue and get together with a wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators are critical connection points to all the things for a wedding. They have expertise in the different options, vendors, availability, and everything between. One way to make the couple's planning a lot less stressful is to have a great relationship with their wedding coordinator.

There's a lot of communication to have between the coordinator and the couple to be married. Some of it is likely in-person, and a lot of it probably isn't. Outside of the in-person meeting, the couple can send text messages to the coordinator to set up times to meet. They can send in random one-off questions, new ideas, and notes to keep track of for the next discussion.


Build great relationships to drive recommendations through word-of-mouth

In this example, there's value for both the couple and the coordinator. For the couple, they can communicate very easily through texting, which is often the preference, especially with the younger generation that has grown up with texting as a primary means of communication.

For the wedding coordinator, they can surprise and delight the couple by supporting texting in the first place, and also won't have to expose their personal phone number when using a tool like Rather Text. Plus, there's alternative solutions the coordinator could use involving texting for/at the wedding itself (ask us about these).

For both parties, with texting, communications tend to be read and responded to sooner, meaning that these very fluid ideas become actual plans quicker (while the vendors still have their precious availability). The gap between communications can often be full of agony due to the risk that the plans will fall through in the meantime.

When the couple has a great experience at their wedding and with the people involved in the planning and execution, they absolutely tell other people they know about it.

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